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How to View Medical Records in myGP

Depending on your practice’s clincial system, you will be able to access your medical records in the myGP app.   To do so, you will need your get your NHS Credentials from your practice. How do I get NHS Credentials? Some things to be aware of:   The myGP app processes your medical records, this

How do I get my NHS Online Credentials?

If your practice does not use the myGP easy sign in, you will need to log-in with your NHS Online Credentials. Here is how to get them.

How to find your Online Credentials in Patient Access

If you have already used your codes for prescription ordering with Patient Access you can use them again for myGP. Here is how.

Child Dependants (Under 12 Years of Age)

Adding your children to the myGP app is the easiest way to book and manage their GP appointments.

How to order prescriptions online with myGP

Order prescriptions online using myGP.

Add adult dependants that share your mobile number

In the myGP app you can add dependants without smartphones using your own.

How do I sign in to the myGP app?

After you have downloaded the app to your smartphone, all you need to enter is your registered mobile number and your date of birth, find your GP Surgery and set up a passcode.   Make sure you have the correct mobile number registered with your practice before logging in.   NOTE: Please enquire with your practice