Referral services

We understand healthcare doesn't start and end in the GP surgery and we have partnered with a number of services to our app to encourage patients to make informed choices surrounding their healthcare.

Improving health outcomes

By offering access to a range of self-referral services, patients are given a range of information to allow them to best manage their own health.

Through adverts and signposts within the app, patients can be offered alternate more appropriate care for their appointment reason, empowering them to make the most appropriate choice for their complaint.

Why join myGP?

myGP was the most downloaded medical app of 2019. Its user base grows by tens of thousands every week and it is committed to partnering with like minded healthcare organisations to offer its users the best choice UK healthcare has to offer.

Partners can be national or localised and we have a dedicated team who will work closely with you to establish the best route to market for the partnership.

Become a partner

myGP aims to continue to add specialist support services to help patients take ownership over their healthcare needs.

Our strategic partners share our vision of simplifying access to healthcare. As the most popular patient facing healthcare app in the UK, we will continue to offer innovative healthcare services.

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