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As the largest independent medical services platform in the United Kingdom, myGP connects millions of patients with over 45,000 clinicians – most of them GPs – and the services of 12,000 pharmacies. myGP works for people who need access to healthcare and for those who care for others.

General practice

myGP connects you directly to GP services provided by your registered practice. This is available at over 6,500 GP practices throughout the United Kingdom, offering connections to over 58 million patients in the UK.

Beyond that, myGP allows you easy access to other services that your GP practice can provide, ranging from ordering repeat prescriptions and accessing your medical records through to having a video consultation with your GP.

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Nearly half of all people in the United Kingdom take repeat medication.
With 29 million people in England alone taking repeat medications, myGP is committed to improving patient access to medicines while reducing the cost and the burden on the NHS.

By allowing you to manage your medicines through myGP,  you are much more likely to remember to take them as instructed, enabling the medication to work at its optimum level – helping you and your Dr to best manage your condition and medication.

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Specialist care

You may notice a number of new services appearing in myGP, these have been carefully selected to help you best manage your health.

While some services can’t be fully met online, myGP aims to reduce waiting times and allow quicker access to NHS commissioned services through accurate signposts, enabling you to manage your health.

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Health checks

myGP simplifies access to a range of preventative, diagnostics and educational services funded by the NHS.

If your GP surgery or local NHS organisation has put these services on myGP, then the app will notify you of the availability of the service and, in many cases, allow you to book an appointment there and then.

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