Nearly half of all people in the United Kingdom take repeat medication.
With 29 million people in England alone taking repeat medications, myGP is committed to improving patient access to medicines while reducing the cost and the burden of long-term medication on the NHS.

Improving patient outcomes

myGP is dedicated to improving the health of the nation. By partnering with a number of respected high street and online pharmacies, patients have 24/7 access to EPS through the myGP app.

Reducing the number of 'unnecessary' appointments being made with GPs as well as calls coming into the surgery.

Offering patients easy access to EPS as well as medication reminders increases medicine adherence, improving outcomes of patients living with long term conditions.

Providing patient choice

myGP connects to over 12,000 community pharmacies in England. EPS states that patients can nominate any pharmacy of their choice to dispense their medication.

myGP champions community and high-street pharmacies and encourages patients through its preGP module to manage their health and present at pharmacies for conditions that do not require treatment from a GP.

Become a pharmacy partner

With 29 million people in England taking repeat medication on a regular basis, it’s been estimated that 30-50% of these are not taking their medication as prescribed.

While there are many contributing factors to failed adherence, ensuring patient awareness of dosage and administration, access to medication and confidence in administration are areas of focus for myGP.

myGP is working with a number of on and offline pharmacies, developing alternative methods for patients to order prescriptions online and access medicines. We are keen to partner with forward thinking pharmacies to continue to improve patient outcomes and reduce NHS costs associated with medicines and long-term conditions.

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