Nearly half of all people in the United Kingdom take repeat medication.
With 29 million people in England alone taking repeat medications, myGP is committed to improving patient access to medicines while reducing the cost and the burden on the NHS.

Benefits of this service

myGP helps you stay on top of your prescribed medicines. On the app you can set up reminders to take your medicines to ensure you never miss a dose. You can also see your adherence history and share it with your doctor or somebody who cares for you.

By allowing you to manage your medicines through myGP you are much more likely to remember to take them as instructed and therefore allowing the medication to work at its optimum level – helping you and your doctor to best manage your condition and medication.

What can I access?

myGP connects you to over 12,000 community pharmacies in England. If your doctor has prescribed repeat medication you can order it through myGP for pick-up or delivery in any of the connected pharmacies.

Only a very small number of pharmacies are not yet connected to myGP so you are almost certain to be able to use this ‘click and collect’ service for your repeat medication. To name a specific pharmacy or service please contact them to ensure that they are listed as your ‘nominated pharmacy’.

Pharmacies play an important role in managing your health and there are times when you may be signposted to visit a pharmacy for your condition by the myGP app.

Become a pharmacy partner

With 29 million people in England taking repeat medication on a regular basis, it’s been estimated that 30-50% of these are not taking their medication as prescribed. 

While there are many contributing factors to failed adherence, ensuring patient awareness of dosage and administration, as well as access to medication and confidence in administration, are areas of focus for myGP.

myGP is experimenting with alternative methods for accessing medicines and we are keen to partner with pharmacies to continue to improve patient outcomes and reduce NHS costs associated with medicines and long-term conditions.

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