General Practice

myGP connects you directly to GP services provided by your registered practice. This is available at over 6,500 GP practices throughout the United Kingdom.

Benefits of this service

By using myGP you can access services including booking appointments at your registered GP surgery. This is possible for over 58 million patients in the UK. Beyond that, myGP allows you easy access to other services that your GP practice can provide, ranging from ordering repeat prescriptions and accessing your medical records through to having a video consultation with your GP.

myGP is committed to simplifying access to healthcare and through our strong relationships with GP practices we are able to help you to manage all of your healthcare needs from within one easy to use app.

What can I access?

The myGP app acts as a portal through to your GP surgery. Some services including ordering repeat prescriptions and accessing your medical records require you to input your NHS credentials, which are available from your practice.

Become a partner

Additional services plug seamlessly into the myGP experience. These are designed to improve health outcomes, transform the patient and carer experience and save money at both a practice and a CCG level. In our effort to simplify patient access to healthcare, we encourage practices to use as many of the services available on the myGP platform as possible.

These include:

  • Practice Messaging
  • preGP Intelligent Care Navigation
  • Remote Consultation
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