Health Checks

myGP simplifies access to a range of preventative, diagnostics and educational services funded by the NHS.

Benefits of this service

The NHS offers access to free services such as immunisation, cancer screening, NHS Health Checks and many other localised services such as diabetes education and support groups.

If your GP surgery or local NHS organisation has put these services on myGP, then the app will notify you of the availability of the service and, in many cases, allow you to book an appointment there and then.

What can I access?

If your GP surgery is connected to one of our preventative services then you may receive a reminder to book the appropriate appointment type, such as a flu immunisation or cervical screening. These appointments will be available to book at your convenience from within the app.

In addition to these services, you may be signposted to an alternative community point of care, rather than to your GP for your complaint.

Become a partner

Currently myGP partners with a number of NHS Organisations as well as Public Health England to deliver preventative screening services. As a result of this advanced engagement in 2019, 13,000 more women attended their cancer screening appointment, leading to earlier detection, earlier intervention and ultimately saved lives.

myGP is always keen to hear from organisations, looking for innovative ways to communication. We are looking to work with partners to help them to meet NHS targets and improve nationwide health outcomes.

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