myGP – Verifying patient ID with remote vouching


This article describes how to provide NHS Online Credentials, for use in the myGP app, by verifying a patient’s identity with remote vouching. Why use Remote Vouching? It is important during the current climate to minimise the number of patients being treated physically in GP surgeries. It is also vital to optimise the workload of NHS front-line staff, permitting patients …

Getting Ready for a Video Consultation

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myGP® is allowing GP surgeries around the UK to treat patients using video consultations. Here’s how to get ready for your video call, so you can make the most of your appointment. Use the latest version of myGP To ensure you have access to the latest features and bug fixes, make sure you always have the latest version of the …

Trouble Signing in?


Your NHS Online Credentials will look something similar to the above. If your practice has only provided you with a User name and Password, then you will need to ask your practice to issue your Third Party Passphrase. If they are unsure how to do this, they can follow this guide: – First they need to search for you in …

Having Trouble Signing In?


Your NHS Online Credentials will look something similar to the above. When entering them, check for capitalised letters and symbols in the Linkage Key carefully. Account ID should be numbers only. The ODS Code will be pre-filled for you, as this will be the practice you have selected. Make sure you have entered your Last Name. This will also be …

What are the technical requirements to run myGP?


If you have an iPhone and you want to run the myGP app, you need to use: iOS (operating system) 10 or later iOS – find out what operating system you’re currently using If you have an Android and you want to run the myGP app, you need to use: Operating system Android 5.0 or later –  check if your …

How do I log out?


There is no need to log out of the app yourself, we do this for you. Just stop using the myGP app, and use another app. You are automatically logged out of myGP after a minute of not opening the app once you have exited You will then need your 4 -digit Passcode that you set up during on boarding or your finger-print scanner, to …

How do I delete old messages?


Messages and notifications don’t need to be deleted from the Messages section of the app. Messages are stored on our servers and do not affect your mobile phone’s storage. Once you close the app, the messages are removed from your device.

Where can I suggest a new feature?


If you go to the Settings section and use the Send Feedback feature. You can suggest any new features you would like to see, report any issues you are experiencing or ask any questions regarding the app, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I sign in to the myGP app?


To get started with the myGP app, you need to download it to your Android or Apple smartphone. After you have downloaded the app, all you need to do is: • Enter your registered mobile number • Enter your date of birth • Select OK And from there, you will need to search for your GP Surgery by name or …

Verification code


Why do we need an SMS Verification? For security reasons, we need to verify you are… you. To do this, we send a 4 digit code to the mobile number registered at your GP surgery.   Usually, this code will arrive within a few seconds or could take a couple of minutes, depending on how busy our servers or your …