How can I view my practice details?

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You can view your current practice details, including address and any available contact details, from your Profile. To go to the Profile section of myGP, tap on the Profile button at the bottom of the screen and choose GP Surgery.

Remote Consultation – Flag an Appointment

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To flag an appointment, you can use the Flag Icon in the Actions. This is displayed to the right of an appointment listed in the Consult Workflow: It is also displayed when viewing the Appointment Details. When an appointment is flagged, the Flag Icon is highlighted in red to the right of the appointment in the Consult Workflow. You filter …

Remote Consultation – Filtering Appointments

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How to add a filter To filter appointments listed in the Consult Workflow, you can use the following options that appear at the top of the Consult screen. The Status drop-down allows you to filter by the following status options: All – display all booked appointments Unread – display all appointments that have not been opened Completed – display all …

Remote Consultation – Ending a call

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Ending a Video Consultation To end a Video Consultation, use the Hang Up action button, which is the furthest right option. The call will be ended immediately.

Remote Consultation – Direct Messaging

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With Remote Consultation, trained staff or clinicians are able to send encrypted myGP Messages directly to the patient. These relate to the appointment, with the conversation history appearing within the appointment details in the patient’s myGP app. To send your myGP users  a message, click on the appointment details view within Appointment List. On the right side of the screen …

Remote Consultation – Complete an Appointment

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When you have actioned an appointment, it is important to be able to ensure you optimise your time by being able to ignore appointments you have already actioned. To Mark as Complete an appointment, use the Thumbs Up Icon in the Actions. The Thumbs Up Icon is displayed to the right of an appointment in the Consult Workflow. It is …

Remote Consultation – Appointment Details

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Click on the blue Consult tab on the left hand ribbon of myGP Connect. You will see the list of booked appointments. To open the detail view of an appointment within the Consult Workflow, click on the appointment entry itself. The appointment detail screen will open. The left hand side of the screen displays the appointment details. The right hand …

Remote Consultation Help

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In this section you will find everything related to Remote Consultations. This additional purchase feature, will allow your practice to conduct Video Consultations, direct patient messaging and manual signposting. Preparation Below is a list of all elements that are necessary to double check in advance of your Remote Consultation activation. Technical requirements Recommended settings Guidance on triaging appointments Consult Workflow …

Video Consultation

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This article will guide you to use the Video Consultation functionality in myGP Connect. Requirements The following requirements need to be met to use Video Consultations: Remote Consultation product purchased and activated myGP activated Patients booking appointments within myGP The computer a user is holding Video Consultations on meets the below minimum requirements The patient has a smart-phone with a …