myGP Remote Consultation

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myGP Remote Consultation

The myGP Online Consultation solution from iPLATO allows you to transform the way you interact with patients. Not only does this help your patients to get access to the right care faster, it also allows your practice to optimise your resources by reducing unnecessary GP appointments.

Everything you need to know


What is the myGP Remote Consultation solution?

We have found that on average, practices reduce their unnecessary GP appointments by 20%. These savings can come from diverting the following kinds of appointments:

  • Patients that could have been seen by an alternative healthcare professional at your practice
  • Minor ailments that can be treated by a retail pharmacist
  • Patients requesting Sick Notes that are not required (less than 7 days)
  • Patients who could have been seen by local self-referral services
  • Appointments that could be handled over a telephone or video call

myGP Online Consultation is built directly into our patient facing services app, myGP, allowing you to meet your targets for online services and to manage your demand on GP services.

It’s a win, win…win.

A solution of two halves

myGP Online Consultation is formed of 2 products. The availability of what features your practice can use depends on what has been purchased.

Learn how to use and configure the products below:

preGP Care Navigation

Patients are looking for the fastest access to the care they need, and GP surgeries are looking to reduce pressures on them by avoiding unnecessary GP appointments and maximising the use of their existing resources. preGP Care Navigation does just that.

On average, we see a 20% reduction in unnecessary GP appointments at surgeries using the preGP Care Navigation solution.

To patients, the solution is surfaced within the myGP app as a patient is trying to book a GP appointment. Based on your configuration, the patient is sign-posted to alternatives to a GP appointment in relation to their Appointment Reason. This is a fully automated process.

Learn more about configuring and using preGP Care Navigation.

Remote Consultation

In this modern world, patients are looking for convenient ways to interact with all of the services in their lives – and healthcare is no different. With busy work schedules, young families, mobility issues, or travel issues, patients have been asking for new ways to see their healthcare professionals.

Remote Consultation enables your surgery to improve the triaging and sign-posting of GP appointments, and offer video consultations as a modern way to deliver healthcare remotely. This helps patients to get the right care faster, and offers convenience to your patients; avoiding reasons why a patient may choose to leave your practice for an alternative GP service offering video appointments.

The solution has been built with flexibility in mind to enable your surgery to triage and shift face-to-face appointments to video consultations, or to allow patients to prebook into a Video Consultation appointment.

Patients book an appointment in the usual manner through myGP. If a patient’s appointment is being triaged, they would receive myGP Messages in the app arranging a convenient time to hold a video appointment and then see a video call ringing at the arranged time. Where a patient has a pre-booked Video Consultation appointment, they will see a video call ringing at that time.

For the practice, any appointments booked through the myGP app – and are not sign-posted by preGP Care Navigation – are added to a Consult screen where trained staff or clinicians can review the appointment reasons and triage or care navigate the appointments to alternatives. Staff are able to message the patient about the booked appointment to gather further detail or to advise of an alternative.

Learn more about using Remote Consultation.

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