Ordering repeat prescription


Ordering repeat prescription

You can order your prescriptions online using the myGP app, if your practice supports the feature.
You will first of all need to get your NHS Online Credentials or register via NHS login.

If ordering repeat prescriptions is supported by your GP’s computer system, you will be able to register for this functionality on myGP app.

You will then be able to go into your app and by following a few steps order your medication to your nominated pharmacy, surgery or even your doorstep.

Select ‘My Prescription’

  1. Click on the medicine you need to order
  2. Simply follow the on-screen instruction

To Request online Credentials make sure to bring ID and proof of address to verify your identity and tell them you would like to access their online services.

You may have already been sent these Credentials by your practice via Email or Letter.
Specifically, it would be your:

  • Linkage Key
  • Account ID and ODS Code.

If you have already used the codes before with Patient Access, you can re-use them with myGP.

After selecting My Prescriptions from the homepage of myGP,
you will need to enter the codes you received above.

ODS will already be filled in for you.

If you do not see this screen, that means your practice does not provide prescription ordering via myGP.







On myGP you can manage the appointments of your dependants but other features visible for you as an account owner, such as ordering repeat prescriptions or viewing medical records won’t be available to them.

Please note that only patients over 16 years old can create their accounts on myGP – and the only patient who has created their account can order their repeat prescriptions or access their medical records on the app.

Your medication by default is sent to your nominated pharmacy, however, if you haven’t chosen one, your order will be sent to your surgery and you will be able to collect it from there.

If you’d like to nominate a pharmacy, please contact the chemist of your choice or your practice directly, they both can do it for you. From that moment, all your prescriptions will be sent to that location. You can always change that nomination.

If you have chosen LLOYDS DIRECT and you’d like to forward your questions to their Support Team for help, please go to https://www.lloydsdirect.co.uk/contact-us

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