About us

The myGP app was lovingly created and developed by iPLATO, a multi-award winning healthcare technology company based in the UK.

We have been working with the NHS and in UK healthcare for nearly 20 years and work tirelessly to simplify access to healthcare.

Who we are

Every person who works for myGP is dedicated to improving access to GP services. Not only do we want to alleviate pressure on our NHS, but also find practical solutions to make access to NHS service quicker, simpler and easier. 

We believe that every patient should have access to the right care at the right time. We listened, and continue to listen to primary care staff, clinicians and patients to develop a platform that continues to simplify access to healthcare.

Partnered with the NHS

We are proud of our long-standing partnership with the NHS.

We believe that our partnership with the NHS is a two way process. After listening carefully to the needs of patients, commissioners and clinicians for the past 15 years, we have made sure that our developments are relevant and needed by patients and The NHS. Not only do we involve our partners in development, but we also let them challenge our opinions, alter our perspectives and provide meaningful insight into how we can develop technology that can best help all involved.

The myGP platform is available in over 6500 GP surgeries.

The founder

myGP originated life as iPLATO healthcare (and even just iPLATO before that).

Founded by Tobias Alpsten in 2016 his passion for technology and for helping people came together in the launch of myGP in 2016.

iPLATO had been working with GPs delivering practice messaging prior to this but Tobias alongside his business partner Martin and non-executive chairman, Mike understood the vast opportunities within digital health.

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In the press

myGP has been featured in a number of news outlets. Have a read below.

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