Shameless Cycle

Charities and celebrities join forces with myGP to break the cycle of embarrassment around men's health issues.

Support our charity partners, inluidng Prostate Cancer UK, Men's Health Forum, Baggy Trousers and others this Men's Health Week.

What we know

Recent research conducted by myGP tells us that men are less likely than women to report health concerns to their GPs; particularly when their symptoms are on the… sensitive side. But sometimes it is those things which make us… cringe the most… that are the most urgent to get checked out. And whilst myGP is thrilled to give men (and women) a confidential, convenient way to access the GP without those embarrassing phone calls to the receptionist, what’s MOST important is getting men to stop the cycle of embarrassment that can lead to delays in seeking medical attention and, therefore, possibly worsening conditions.

We asked men what could put them off seeking health advice from their doctor . The reasons listed were:

1. Too busy to go (29%)
2. Worried about burdening the NHS (28%)
3. Unable to get an appointment around work hours (26%)
4. Embarrassment or awkwardness (23%)
5. Worried about catching germs (22%)

We were keen to understand what health issues men are most embarrassed to seek advice about. Our research has revealed the top 5 ‘embarrassing’ health issues for men are:

1. Sex-related genital complaints
2. Non sex-related genital complaints
3. Rectum - anything that requires a stool sample / internal examination
4. Mental health
5. Urine infections

And so it was born.... the Shameless Cycle.

Join our men on 17th June from 12.30 as they cycle through Soho discussing everything from heatstroke to herpes, no topic is too embarrassing for our team as they take to the streets to let men know there is no shame in health.

The route

The cycle will begin at Glasshouse St and cycle down Regent St to Piccadilly Circus.

It will then turn up Shaftesbury Avenue and the turn left onto Dean Street with a stop at 52 Dean Street.

The cycle will then head back onto Shaftesbury Avenue and down to Windmill Street, with a short stop at 45 Great Windmill Street before following on along taking a right up to Lexington Street.

The team will then carry on along Lexington Street, take a left on Beak Street then follow along to Regent’s Street before returning to Glasshouse Street.

Read the media release here

Meet The Team

Row 1: Connagh Howard, Saj Raja, Dr Emeka Okorocha, Jamie Clayton
Row 2: Dr Daniel Olaiya, Dr Raphael Olaiya, Dr William Budd, Dr Kishan Bodalia
Row 3: Martin Sweeney, Fredi 'Kruga' Nwaka, Ben Spong, Joe Sentance

Our charity partners

We are proud to be supporting a number of national and regional men's health charities

"We are absolutely delighted to be supporting this year's Shameless Cycle, which is raising awareness and challenging the stigma surrounding a range of men's health issues. More often than not, men conceal how they're really feeling in order to save face and appear as if they're coping, when sadly this is often not the case at all. "The Shameless Cycle is a brilliant example of the importance of men speaking openly and honestly about their health - be that mental, physical or emotional. At blOKes, our primary aim is to provide men (16+) with a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space to discuss what's on their mind, so the invaluable work of myGP is something that we are proud to stand alongside.
Tom Home, Founder, blOKes

There are many reasons why guys with a ball problem might put off going to the doctor, and it’s not worth risking your health for any of them. If you’ve noticed a change in one of your balls, or it just doesn’t feel right, then don’t panic - but also, don't wait to see your GP! Nine out of 10 ball problems are not testicular cancer. Your symptoms are likely caused by something much less serious. But whatever’s up with your balls, sharing your concerns and getting professional help will put you in the best hands. Never forget that over 98% of testicular cancer patients are cured - and early diagnosis means better cure rates and more straightforward treatment, so get yourself to the GP ASAP
Richard Bullard, Head of Trustees at It’s In the Bag

Get involved

Join in the conversation online with #shamelesscycle and tag @mygp_app

You can do your own shameless cycle, grab some mates or grab the bike in the gym and cycle as little or as far as you wish. We will be sharing all donations across our charities. To make a donation click the button below:

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