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Unsure about the rules of prescription collection? Discover important information about prescriptions with myGP app.

Choosing a pharmacy

Did you know that you can collect your medication from any pharmacy you choose? You are required to have a nominated pharmacy who will manage your prescriptions, however you can change your nomination whenever you wish.

You can select any online pharmacy, high street or local pharmacy or even your local supermarket pharmacy - whatever works for you! Just let your chosen pharmacy know and they will manage the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I collect my prescription from any pharmacy in the UK?

Yes — you can choose a pharmacy to pick up your prescription from each time you are issued one. Simply choose your pharmacy of choice when placing your request in the myGP app. Find out how to order repeat prescriptions online.

Can a doctor give you a prescription over the phone?

Yes, your GP can prescribe you medication over the phone and over online consultations with the myGP app. They’ll process it for it to be dispensed at your chosen local pharmacy.

Can someone pick up a prescription for me?

You can pick up a prescription on behalf of someone else if that person has informed their GP surgery. You'll be asked to give the name and address of the patient you're collecting the prescription for. This can be both paper and online prescriptions.

Can doctors tell if you picked up a prescription?

All pharmacies keep a paper copy of paper prescriptions. Your doctor can contact the pharmacy to confirm that the prescription was picked up. The same applies to online prescriptions — doctors will receive a notification indicating whether or not the prescription has been picked up.

How do I get an emergency prescription?

There are several steps you can take if you need an emergency prescription:

  1. Visit your local pharmacy. If it is closed, you can visit any other pharmacy, providing they have the treatment you need.
  2. Call your GP surgery for emergency prescription — if the practice is closed, their answer machine should usually offer information on out-of-hour services available for help. You should only do this when you need an emergency prescription only.
  3. Call NHS on 111 for non-emergency medical advice. Only call them if you’ve tried the above options and you’re are not in a life-threating situation or in need of urgent medical care. They can help find an out-of-hours pharmacy or a walk-in centre that can provide the medication you need if you have a prescription.
  4. If all the above has failed, then your final option is to find your nearest A&E department on the NHS website. Only follow this step if you’re in a life-threatening emergency.

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