Track your health

myGP lets you track your health from the palm of your hand. Monitor your weight and blood pressure, and set medication reminders in just a couple of clicks.

How to

If a medical practitioner or nurse wants you to keep track of your medical condition, or you simply want to do it for your own peace of mind, myGP lets you do either.

From the myGP homepage you can also track your blood pressure and weight.

Recording medical data with your app keeps it safe and secure for your next appointment…No more losing that scrap of paper you jotted the figures on!

The benefits

Being able to track your health allows you a full overview of how your BMI or blood pressure may be affecting your health. Medication reminders can easily be set up so that you can refer back to your weekly and monthly reports in the app. These are useful to help you understand your condition and also for you to be able to show your GP or nurse.

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