Prescription Quantities

If you have a long-term condition or manage a number of conditions, you may be required to order your prescriptions at different times.

On multiple medications?

Did you know that almost 7 million people in the UK take 5 or more different medications daily? It's confusing to keep track and make sure that you follow your prescription correctly. In fact, approximately half of people fail to do so.

To support you and simplify the process, you can now nominate PillTime through myGP, to organise your medication and deliver it straight to your door, for free. 

Pharmacies can give you ongoing prescriptions

If you take regular medication, your GP may pass a bulk order consisting of a number of months worth of medication to your chosen pharmacist. They can dispense these to you across the period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a six-month prescription?

Yes, if your doctor prescribes you a six-month prescription.

Can I get more than one month’s prescription?

Again, yes, depending on what your doctor prescribes you and for how long.

What does four times a day mean?

A medication may be required to be taken four times a day spread out over the hours of the day that you’re awake.

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