For your information: What are diagnostic tests?

There are many diagnostic tests available depending on your health concern. Find out more about diagnostic tests and screening with myGP.

What are diagnostic tests?

Diagnostic tests are any type of medical test carried out to diagnose a condition, disease, or illness in people who are displaying specific signs of possible illness.

Frequently asked questions

What is diagnostic screening?

Diagnostic screening is different to diagnostic tests as they are carried out to detect early disease or risk factors in seemingly healthy individuals who aren’t displaying any symptoms.

How is diagnostic testing done?

Diagnostic tests can be invasive and non-invasive. Invasive might include penetrating the skin or entering the body whereas non-invasive doesn’t involve breaking the skin or entering the body.

What are examples of diagnostic tests?

  • Biopsy — a sample of tissue taken for examination
  • Colonoscopy — a tube inserted into the anus to view inside the bowel
  • CT scan — X-rays used to create detailed pictures inside your body
  • Hearing test — wearing headphones and responding when you hear a sound at different volumes
  • Ultrasound — real-time pictures inside your body using sound waves pressed against your body
  • Blood test
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