How Do I Book a Doctor's Appointment?

Looking to book a doctor’s appointment with the myGP app? Firstly, download myGP to your smartphone.

Download from the app stores

  1. Enter your mobile number and date of birth (this must be the mobile number that you registered with at your GP surgery)
  2. Search for your GP surgery
  3. Create your PIN

NB. When registering you may be asked for your linkage key. Your surgery will be able to help you with this so you can sign up to book a GP appointment.

Download the app

Book a GP appointment

Start by tapping book appointment on the homepage of your app.

  1. Select whom you want to book the appointment for
  2. Select the appointment type from those available (nurse, GP, clinic...)
  3. Book a date and time convenient to you
  4. Once confirmed, you can automatically add the scheduled doctor’s appointment to your phone’s calendar

Any patient who is over the age of 16 who's registered with a GP in the UK can book a doctor’s appointment online. You can also add family members to your myGP app to help take care of them, too.

With myGP you can book and cancel your GP appointments in the app as well as receive appointment reminders and add the details to your calendar.

Frequently asked questions

What do you say when making an appointment?

You can make bookings electronically through the app so you don’t need to say anything. Find out more about what an online doctor’s appointment is.

Can 111 book GP appointments?

Yes — under new NHS plans, 111 can now book doctor’s appointments.

Can you request a female doctor?

Yes — you can choose which health professional you would like to consult with in the myGP app.

Can my GP refuse to refer me to a specialist?

You can request to be referred to a specialist or another GP for a second opinion. Your GP can refuse if they don’t think it is necessary. If your GP refers you, you cannot insist on a specific practitioner, however, you shouldn’t be referred to a practitioner that you don’t want to see.

How do I find out who my doctor is?

To find out which doctor you have an appointment with, contact your surgery or it will be visible on the myGP app.

How do I find a local doctor?

If you are not registered with a GP surgery you can choose which surgery you register with, you can view a list on the NHS website.

Anything you need help with? Feel free to send a message to our support team. You can order NHS repeat prescriptions and view your medical records online, too.
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