iPLATO, Delivering a Patient-Centric Approach

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iPLATO, Delivering a Patient-Centric Approach

Background and Challenge

The Longshoot Health Centre in Wigan is a well-established practice serving a diverse population of over 7,800 individuals. Like all centres across the UK, there is ever increasing pressure on resources. Patients are often struggling to get through to The Centre on the telephone or at times, turning up without an appointment and expecting to be seen. This is a challenging environment and adds pressure on clerical and administrative staff. Because of this the Centre is committed to improving access to its services and increasing patient satisfaction by developing and delivering online services.


After a thorough supplier evaluation process iPLATO’s myGP® and preGP™, were selected as the partner to deliver The Longshoot Health Centre’s online services for its patients.

A key reason why iPLATO was selected was the organisation’s track record in delivering easy to manage solutions for both patients and practices.

When signed up to myGP, the patient is able to complete:

  • Booking or cancelling of appointments with a GP or other practice staff
  • Ordering of repeat prescriptions
  • Viewing their own medical record
  • Tracking their health
  • Booking appointments for dependants
  • Completing Friends and Family Test

In conjunction with Longshoot Health Centre, iPLATO run on-going SMS marketing campaigns to increase patient uptake of myGP, sending them an SMS suggesting they download and use it to manage their health.


Over 20% of patients at Longshoot Health Centre are actively using myGP to manage their health therefore reducing the associated administration of booking and cancelling appointments.

In addition to myGP, the Centre is now using iPLATO’s preGP, in-app patient care navigation to triage patients and offer alternate points of care when a face to face GP appointment may not be available/appropriate.

Furthermore, the ability to process prescriptions efficiently frees up clinician and reception time. For patients the advantage is the ability to collect prescriptions at a convenient local pharmacy where the prescription is prepared ahead of time. Since iPLATO’s partnership with The Longshoot Health Centre patient satisfaction from the Friends and Family test has increased with 75% of respondents choosing the “extremely likely” descriptive response.

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