Accessing the right care at the right time

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Accessing the right care at the right time

Background and Challenge

Stoneleigh Surgery based in Milnthorpe, Cumbria has a total practice population of over 6,300 patients. As a busy surgery it is dedicated to using the most appropriate technology to ensure its patients are able to access the right care at the right time.


Having previously used an SMS service, Stoneleigh Surgery started to use the myGP platform by iPLATO. The new service adds value by:

• Appointment Reminders, providing patients with text reminders, via SMS or the myGP app and the ability to cancel appointments via app/text

• Booking appointments, the myGP app allows patients to view available appointments and, book/cancel appointments on the move

• Access to right resource, the surgery is able to set up a number of appointment types meaning the patient has access to book the correct appointment for them, i.e. Blood test, vaccination or medicine review

• Bespoke messages, the practice is now able to send ad-hoc messages to patients or groups of patients inviting them to come in for appointments, such as for a cervical screen or a flu vaccination.


Over 80% of Stoneleigh Surgery’s patients have mobile phone numbers and 32% are myGP users. The technology has helped reduce the delays experienced from using phone calls, letters and leaving voicemails with follow ups – Stoneleigh Surgery is now able to easily send a text/data message to inform the patient that they need to re-book or visit the surgery for a follow-up appointment. Over the past 28-day period, 437 different type of appointments were offered to patients.

The fact that we are able to offer lots of different types of appointments is a really big selling point for myGP over the other apps that are available. Laura Wright, Site Manager of Stoneleigh Surgery

Stoneleigh Surgery is now looking to use other functionality on the myGP platform, specifically, the preGP™ Intelligent Care Navigation solution which offers signposting, educating patients about the alternative options available to them when trying to access healthcare.

preGP Intelligent Care Navigation automatically signposts patients, where necessary, to quicker or more appropriate points of care for their appointment reason – further reducing pressure on GP surgeries and ensuring patients have quick, efficient and appropriate access to healthcare.

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