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With the help of our partners, we are expanding our offering to incorporate more of what patients want.

myGP provides quick and easy access to GP services to nearly 2.8 million Britons every year.

We currently work with prescription home delivery providers, mental health providers, and other complementary health services, expanding their customer reach and further enabling easy access to healthcare to myGP users. And as our userbase consistently grows, so does their ‘wish list’ of complimentary services which can be accessed through our app.

If your organisation provides complementary healthcare services to an exceptional standard, and if you share our mission of simplifying access to healthcare, we’d love to hear from you.

Our commitment to you: Patient first healthcare

We help; we do not hinder 

We value and respect our close relationship with primary care physicians (General Practitioners and other clinicians in primary care) and seek to complement their aims of improving patient outcomes, patient experience, and maintaining and improving financial sustainability.

We offer speed and convenience through digital first 

We understand that digital first should be an option. We recognise the need to offer our users convenient and optimised healthcare products and services quickly and efficiently. We appreciate that digital first is complementary to traditional healthcare services.

We present exclusive deals and content 

We want our users to reap the benefits of our partnerships, myGP partnerships will be beneficial to our users through discounts or economies of scale, based on the payor model.

We Ensure quality of service to help user choice 

Healthcare is fragmented and confusing. On behalf of our users, we ensure that all services and products on myGP meet regulatory and clinical standards in their respective fields and geographies.

We behave well, always 

Our raison d’etre is the betterment of society; not the worsening. We will not employ business practices or engage with partners who undermine the trust of our customers, other partners, or the broader communities in which we operate.

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