Support the UK's largest health research programme

Give your patients the opportunity to participate and ensure your local people are represented in the national research bank.

About the programme

Set to transform the prevention, detection and treatment of conditions such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, so future generations can live in good health for longer.

The revolutionary research programme is bringing together five million people from across the UK.

By creating an incredibly detailed picture of the nation's health, Our Future Health may hold the key to huge numbers of discoveries, such as new ways to detect diseases early, new ways to predict with better accuracy who is at higher risk of diseases, and more targeted or personalised treatments.

How to support

How can your practice support?

Register your practice!

We are working with Our Future Health to give your patients the opportunity to partake in the programme.

If you register your practice to benefit, we will send an SMS text message to opted-in patients. This will be a short GP-endorsed SMS text message from "NHS-NoReply" inviting the patient to participate in Our Future Health with a link to sign-up.

All data will be stored and managed securely and to the highest professional standards, in compliance with data protection laws.

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Sarah Webster, Operations Manager in Greater Manchester commented

At Bolton Community Practice, over 1,500 patients (17% of the patients who received the invite SMS) were engaged to start the signup process.

"The sign-up process was easy and only took a few minutes to complete. We are excited to join any initiative which means better care and early diagnosis for our patients. An SMS invite was sent to our patients many weeks ago about how to participate in the programme if interested. The process has been straightforward and after an initial influx of calls from patients ... there has been no requirement for our reception or clinical teams to deal with anything as a result."

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