NHS Prescription Delivery

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NHS Prescription Delivery

A nominated pharmacy will electronically receive your prescriptions. With myGP, our online pharmacy partners work with your NHS GP for NHS prescription delivery when you’ve ordered your prescription. Instead of going to your pharmacy to pick up your repeat prescriptions, they will deliver them to an address of your choice, for free.

Nominating a pharmacy with myGP and updating your details

If you are requesting prescriptions for the first time through the myGP app, you will be given an option to nominate any pharmacy that is available in your area. If you don’t wish to delay your prescription request, you can always nominate a pharmacy separately through the Pharmacy Nomination section in My Prescriptions. Similarly, if you later wish to update your details (including delivery preferences or exemption status) or switch to another online pharmacy, you can do this via the Pharmacy Nomination section too.


Who are Pharmacy2U?

Pharmacy2U make managing your medication easier. From reminding you to place your prescription order so you don’t run out, to working with your GP to arrange your prescription. They then dispense and deliver your medication to your door, for free.

Since founding the UK’s first online pharmacy in 1999, Pharmacy2U are now UK’s largest online pharmacy with over 300,000 customer reviews rating them ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.

How does Pharmacy2U work?

Pharmacy2U are a “distance selling pharmacy”, or internet pharmacy. This means they can offer a full range of essential NHS pharmacy services to you, on a non-face-to-face basis.

Once you’ve registered with Pharmacy2U, just request your medication via myGP as you usually would and once your prescription has been approved, Pharmacy2U will dispense your medication and deliver it to your door for free. When possible and with your consent, your prescription can be delivered through your letterbox so there’s no need to wait at home. However, controlled drugs and refrigerated items will need a signature. Pharmacy2U provide easy and convenient order tracking updates too.

If you usually pay for your NHS prescriptions, you will still need to pay the normal NHS fee (£9.35 per item). If you are exempt from this payment or have a pre-payment certificate, then you will not be charged. Just tell us when you register why you’re entitled to free NHS prescription medication.

How long will it take for my prescriptions to arrive?

Pharmacy2U recommend ordering your repeat prescription at least 5 working days before you need it. This gives your GP enough time to approve it and for us to deliver it to you. Plus, there is no need to remember to place your next order, Pharmacy2U will remind you when it’s time to order via email, SMS, app notification or a simple phone call.

How do I track the status of my delivery?

When you have signed up for Pharmacy2U to deliver your prescription medication, you should receive an activation link for your Pharmacy2U online account. Don’t worry if not, Pharmacy2U will send you an email with a similar link for you to follow.

When you have activated your Pharmacy2U online account, you will be able to log into our online services. From here, you can check your order as it progresses through Pharmacy2U’s systems. Simply click on the ‘Order History’ widget on the patient dashboard and select your most recent order. If you’re unable to see your order, it is likely that your GP has not yet approved your request. You can view your request status in the myGP app under My Prescriptions. As myGP handle the ordering of your repeat prescriptions, Pharmacy2U can only monitor progress from the point your order has been approved.

When your order is out for delivery, Pharmacy2U provide a handy link to allow you to follow its progress with our selected courier, Royal Mail. Clicking on the link navigates you to the Royal Mail website where we ensure your tracking number is pre-populated. Just click to search and you will see updates on your order.

How much does my prescription cost?

The current prescription charge is £9.35 per item. You may be entitled to free prescriptions if you meet specific NHS criteria. For example, if you are aged 60 and over, on income support or under 16 you are entitled to free prescriptions. Visit the NHS page on ‘Who can get free prescriptions’ to find out if you qualify.

Can Pharmacy2U dispense and deliver controlled drugs?

Yes, Pharmacy2U can dispense these medicines and deliver them safely to patients using a tracked and signed-for delivery service.

Do Pharmacy2U deliver chilled or cold-chain medications?

Yes. Pharmacy2U uses insulated packaging and next-day delivery service to keep parcels containing these medicines cool in transit.

Can I use my pre-payment certificate?

Pharmacy2U is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, NHS England, and the Care Quality Commission and, as such, accepts all NHS exemptions, including pre-payment certificates.

When registering, simply provide the type of exemption (F – has a prescription pre-payment certificate) and when your payment exemption expires. When fulfilling your order, Pharmacy2U will check the exemption status you have provided matches what is stored with the NHS, so please ensure the information you add is accurate and up to date.

I have a different question, where can I find out more?

Try readingPharmacy2U’s comprehensive FAQ section on their help and support page to guide you through the process, or message them on live chat.


Why use LloydsDirect?

LloydsDirect is LloydsPharmacy’s online prescription service that delivers your medicine at no extra cost to you or the NHS. You can also collect your prescriptions at your local LloydsPharmacy if you want to talk to a pharmacist. Plus, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to reorder, as LloydsDirect will send you a reminder before you’re due to run out.

LloydsDirect is already being used by over half a million people and has an Excellent Trustpilot rating, with an average score of 4.6 stars.

How does LloydsDirect work?

Using LloydsDirect is very simple:

  1. Register with LloydsDirect in myGP
  2. Request your prescriptions using myGP
  3. Once your GP has approved your request, you can choose between free delivery or collection

LloydsDirect offers free tracked delivery by Royal Mail. Your medicine is sent in discreet, eco-friendly packaging that fits through your letterbox when possible. Alternatively, you can pick up your prescription at your local LloydsPharmacy and speak to one of their pharmacists if you have any questions.

How long will it take for my prescriptions to arrive?

The average time from order to delivery is 4 days, but how quickly you receive your order depends on when your GP approves your request and stock availability. That’s why LloydsDirect recommends ordering 7 to 10 days ahead. To further speed things up, all packages are sent using Royal Mail’s tracked 24h or 48h delivery service.

If you need your prescriptions sooner, you can email help@lloydsdirect.co.uk once your GP approves your request. You’ll be sent a prescription code that allows you to pick up your medicine from any local pharmacy.

How do I track the status of my delivery?

You can track the status of your delivery in the myGP app. Open myGP, tap on My Prescriptions, scroll to the bottom and tap on the Prescription Delivery page. The most recent order will be at the top and tell you at what stage your delivery is at.

Statuses your prescription can be in:

Picking: your prescription is being selected from the warehouse.

Dispensing: your prescription has been picked and is now being dispensed by the LloydsDirect Pharmacy team.

Dispatching: your prescription has been picked and is now being packaged for delivery.

Dispatched: your prescription is out for delivery and will be the final status.

Awaiting stock: LloydsDirect is waiting for the prescription to be re-stocked.

Not dispensed: the prescription was not chosen to be delivered by the patient.

Once your medicine has been posted, Royal Mail will send you a link, which you can also use to track your delivery.

Can LloydsDirect deliver controlled medicine?

Yes. LloydsDirect sends it using Royal Mail 24h signed for. You don’t need to do anything differently – the postage method changes automatically for controlled medicine. If your controlled medicine needs to be kept in safe custody, please contact help@lloydsdirect.co.uk before you order.

Can LloydsDirect deliver fridge medicine?

Yes. LloydsDirect uses ice packs and award-winning Woolcool® insulated packaging to keep fridge medicine at the right temperature. Fridge medicine is also sent using Royal Mail tracked 24h, so it spends less time on the road.

How much does my prescription cost?

You will just need to pay the regular NHS rate unless you have a pre-payment certificate or are exempt. If you’re ordering medicine for someone under 16 or over 60, LloydsDirect will automatically apply the exemption. For all other NHS exemptions, you can enter your exemption number when registering with LloydsDirect.

Can I use my prepayment certificate?

LloydsDirect is a registered pharmacy, so it accepts all NHS exemptions, including pre-payment certificates. You will be asked to upload a photo of your pre-payment certificate when you request your first NHS prescription delivery. The LloydsDirect Pharmacy team will check and confirm it, ensuring you will not be charged for prescriptions.

Don’t have one yet? Purchase an NHS prescription pre-payment certificate here.

What if I have a different question?

You can visit the LloydsDirect help centre or speak to a member of the LloydsDirect Patient Care team at help@lloydsdirect.co.uk.


Who is suitable for PillTime’s pharmacy service?

Any patient on 4 or more repeat medications will be able to nominate PillTime as their chosen pharmacy.

Who are PillTime?

PillTime makes managing multiple medications easier. If you spend too many hours arranging and scheduling medication for yourself or someone you care for, PillTime may be an option to make the multiple medication process easier for you. PillTime is an online pharmacy that arranges your medication and delivers it to your door, for free.

As we get older, medication management gets more complex. Almost 7 million people in the UK take 5 or more different medications daily. It can be confusing to keep track and make sure that you follow your prescription correctly. Approximately half of the people fail to do so, and this can have serious health impacts.

How does the PillTime service work?

PillTime organises medication into clearly labelled, easy-to-open dose-specific pouches and delivers a month’s worth to your door, for free. PillTime pouches are organised on a roll, in date order. They are labelled with the contents, the day and time (for example lunchtime, Friday) that they should be taken. You can wave goodbye to a dosette box or numerous bottles and boxes and be confident that you won’t miss a dose again.

PillTime uses robotic technology at their Bristol-based dispensary to produce and fill pouches more quickly and safely than traditional chemist trays. Using AI technology to ensure the contents of each pouch is fully accurate, this process is completed under the supervision of experienced pharmacists, who double-check the contents before delivery.

PillTime’s pharmacy technology means any errors in medication dispensing are easily identified (for example, if the pill is cracked, or human error). So, you get the doses you need, without any error or hassle, and are less likely to make mistakes when taking the medication at home. Items that don’t fit into a pouch, such as inhalers or creams, can also be dispensed.

Why use PillTime?

Independence: Taking your medication with PillTime couldn’t be simpler. You simply tear open the pouch and take your medication as and when it has been prescribed.

Lifestyle: PillTime pouches fit simply into your pocket or purse. You no longer need to be committed to carrying multiple boxes, bottles and packs. Instead, your medication can fit to your lifestyle.

Reassurance and adherence: You can be confident that you are taking the right dose at the right time. PillTime’s pre-packaged, personalised pouches are the ideal prompt and help prevent instances where you might skip or miss a dose. Each dose pouch is easy to open. They tear from the right-hand side much like ripping a piece of paper. For people with arthritis or limited hand dexterity who struggle to get pills out of blister packs, this can make a real difference.

Delivery saves you time and money: There is no need to regularly join the queue at your local pharmacy. PillTime delivers your medication and other prescription items directly to you at home, for free.

How is PillTime free?

Pill Time’s service is completely free of charge. As a registered NHS pharmacy online, it’s funded like any other community pharmacy and doesn’t charge you or the NHS any extra for the pouches or delivery. If you pay for your prescriptions then this cost remains, however, there’s no additional charge for delivery to your door.

How do I register for PillTime services? 

It’s easy to get set up! Simply nominate PillTime when prompted in myGP app, and follow the steps on screen. It takes a couple of minutes. At the moment, PillTime’s service is only eligible for people living in England.

What if I have another question?

Visit PillTime’s Help Centre or email customerservices@pilltime.co.uk


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