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Selecting a patient

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This article describes how to select a patient in myGP Buddy.

Keep myGP Buddy running

For recommended functionality, we should keep myGP Buddy running through the day so you can quickly access its functions. When not in use, myGP Buddy will sit idling, ready for you.

Selecting a patient

On myGP Buddy, press the patient button.
The patient will be automatically synced from your open clinical system, there is no need to manually select a patient.

Switching patients

You can only message or video call the patient that is open in your clinical system.
To switch patients, change the patient in the clinical system and then press the patient button again in myGP Buddy.
If myGP Buddy has a patient selected and you change the patient in the clinical system, you will be able to continue drafting a message for or video calling the previous patient.

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