Benefits to your Practice

Find out how using myGP can benefit you and your patients today. 

Improve Patient Experience

Our quick and simple remote sign-up process means that your patients will be able to register with the myGP app from wherever they are, with no need to visit your practice.

Better Communication

Communicate with your patients and invite them for personalised appointments such as flu vaccines and NHS screening checks.

Online Prescription Service

Your patients can order their prescriptions with myGP, reducing errors and removing the workload of transcribing from paper requests.


Provide a 24/7 Service

Your patients will have the ability to book and cancel appointments at a time that suits them.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce your admin workload so that you can spend more time with patients.

Reduce Appointment Wastage

Easy and convenient way for your patients to cancel appointments, reducing the amount of patients that do not turn up.

Support Helpline

For all support enquiries, email us on

General Enquiries

For all general enquiries, email us on

“A simple setup process that takes under a minute! We are confident myGP will transform patient care experience”   


The Islington Medical Centre

Tell your patients about myGP

Download the latest myGP promotional materials below. We can also make assets to fit your specific needs, so get in touch and we will be happy to help.

You can download the myGP Waiting Rooms video by clicking here or below.

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Download our new appointment bookings app to your smartphone for free. myGP was developed to make access to healthcare easier and faster for patients. Once downloaded, simply log-in with your date of birth and mobile number and add the people you care for, allowing you to book and cancel appointments for them. It’s really that easy! For more information, please visit: