Access GP Medical Records Online Guide

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Access GP Medical Records Online Guide

Depending on the computer system your practice uses, you will be able to access  GP medical records online in the myGP app. If it is not currently supported at your practice, you will see a “coming soon” screen. We are working on making this feature available for every practice. To view your medical record, you will need to have registered with myGP via NHS login, or receieved online credentials from your GP surgery.

Please be aware of the following:

You can access GP medical records online

The myGP app provides access to your medical records — this means that whatever is stored in your GP’s computer system is presented back to you. We do not store your medical records data. You may have the option to download your records to your device allowing you to share it. Please be aware that after downloading your medical record, it will be your responsibility to ensure you are storing it securely and protecting it from unauthorised access.

Errors in your medical record

You may find that some records you expected to see are missing or there are records you might think are incorrect. Please get in touch with your practice in the first instance for more information or to amend any errors. As the developers of the myGP app, we cannot make any changes to your records. Only your GP surgery can do this.


Confusing or distressing information

You may see records which could cause distress or confusion, as you will be able to view them before they are discussed with you. Also, some records can be quite technical or difficult to understand. If so, please get in touch with your practice for further clarification on any records you have questions around. Records will be a limited view of the GP clinical record and may not include any free text (additional comments regarding your health information). Information that is considered to be sensitive or existed before the setup of this service may not be available for viewing online.

Questions about the content of your medical record

Please note that we are the developers of the myGP app and have no ability to change anything contained in your medical record. We will also be unable to assist you with any questions about the content of your medical record. We are only able to advise that you contact your GP surgery with any concerns or questions about the medical information you can see in myGP.

Anything you need help with? Feel free to leave a message to our support team, whether it’s for help to order prescriptions online or more information about our health check app.