myGP TICKet provides you with simple, clear, assured proof of your vaccination protection status wherever and whenever you may need (or want) to.

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How does it work?

myGP already provides our users with secure access to their own medical records. What myGP TICKet does is access the section of your medical record that denotes a current, complete vaccination for COVID-19. We then add 12 days to the date of your second dose (this is the universal wait time that has been recommended by our medical advisors) and display a shiny TICK mark next to your profile photo once you are considered ‘protected’ from the virus.

The tick appears only upon your request.

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What makes me eligible for myGP TICKet?

You need to have had two doses of a COVID vaccine
Your TICKet will appear 12 days after your second vaccine dose

What is myGP TICKet?

It's a simple way to display whether an individual is considered ‘protected’ against COVID-19 (once a patient has waited the recommended period for the vaccine to become effective, a ‘tick’ appears around the profile photo). It provides clear assurance that an individual is safe to return to work or play if he/she is required to be vaccinated before doing so. Best of all, it needs no further technology/integration from a business/venue, as the results are displayed on the user’s own device.

How do I view my medical records on the app?

In order to view your medical records (and get your myGP TICKet), you will need to go through the NHS login process. This can take a little while, so don’t get discouraged! NHS login is a thorough identity check, managed by the NHS, which ensures that your medical data is shared with you and only you. You’ll need an ID and will need to submit a photograph and a short video of yourself, and then the NHS will need some time to verify you. (The verification process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours, but your bit only takes a few minutes.) You can find out more about the NHS login process here.

How will the technology work?
The technology already works. myGP is NHS-assured for 97 percent of England’s GP surgeries, which means that it has been given third-party authorisation to access and display NHS medical records and prescription information, and to allow patients to book appointments and access other health-related services. All information is contained within the GP clinical system and GPs must give patients access to the immunisations/vaccinations section of their medical records for the myGP TICKet to be utilised.

Do I need to contact my GP surgery?
If your surgery has granted you access to the immunisations/vaccinations section of your medical record, then no, the TICKet will work perfectly. If not, then you will need to contact your surgery to request access to this. You can download this email template to send on to your surgery. You are legally entitled access to your medical records.

How does myGP protect the medical record data of myGP users?
myGP provides a window into a patient’s medical record, showing a real-time snapshot of a patient’s current vaccination status, medications, and other information. All information is held within the GP clinical system and all access is controlled by the GP surgery. When a user closes the medical records portion of our app, the information is gone.

The only exception is regarding information relating to COVID-19 vaccination, which will be cached within the myGP app for 48 hours and will remain on our servers until the expiry date of each vaccine + 12 months (as per our data retention policy). This is to ensure that the feature will remain available offline and in the event of internet failure or other system outages. No other data is stored anywhere on our servers.

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