Coming in February 2021, myGP will be launching a new feature within our app – the myGP TICKet – which will enable the public to provide simple, clear, assured proof of their vaccination protection status, wherever and whenever they may need to.


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Your TICKet back to ‘normal’


How will it work?

myGP already provides its users with secure access to their own medical records. What myGP TICKet does is isolate the code within an individual’s medical record that denotes a current, complete vaccination for COVID-19. We then add one - three weeks to the date of your final dose (however long it takes for you to be protected, according to your vaccine type) and display this information in the form of a shiny green TICK mark next to your profile photo.

The tick appears only upon request, and will disappear when you close the app.

You can read our media release about this initiative.

Got questions?

Well we’ve got answers. Check out our extensive FAQs.


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