Specialist care

You may notice a number of new services appearing in myGP. These have been carefully selected to help you best manage your health.

Benefits of this service

Often, due to the current pressures on NHS services, there are long waiting lists for specialist services such as mental health services or MSK services like physiotherapy.

While some services can’t be fully met online, myGP aims to reduce waiting times and allow quicker access to NHS commissioned services through accurate signposts, allowing you to manage your health.

What can I access?

The intention of allowing access to specialist services is to empower you with relevant knowledge, allowing you to make informed decisions about your healthcare.

myGP specialist care app may signpost you to alternative services for your appointment reason, an example of this is an online CBT service to treat and manage low mood, anxiety, and other mental health concerns.

Other services include locally run support groups, community care, and pharmacy services. myGP is always expanding the companies and groups it works with to offer you a true choice as to how and where you access your healthcare.

Become a specialist partner

myGP aims to continue to add specialist support services to help patients take ownership over their healthcare needs.

Our strategic partners share our vision of simplifying access to healthcare. As the most popular patient facing healthcare app in the UK, we will continue to offer innovative healthcare services to you.

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