Remote Consultations

Enhance the patient experience and improve health outcomes through myGP remote consultation.

Why myGP Remote Consultation?

Remote Consultation was launched in December 2019 in response to the ever growing need to enable GP consultations while a GP or a patient is not in the surgery.

The addition of remote consultation to the myGP platform allows patients to move from appointment booking through to consultation from within one single platform. 

    Remote Consultation works with all other modules on the myGP platform, used alongside myGP preGP Intelligent Care Navigation, it can reduce unnecessary appointments in primary care by 26%. 

    The Details

    • Links seamlessly with myGP patient app and other myGP platform modules 
    • Available via GPITF, G-Cloud or DPS frameworks 
    • Triage appointment reasons 
    • Send two-way chat messages to gather further information 
    • Filter appointments 
    • Move appointments to alternate methods i.e. face to face 
    • Conduct a voice or video call
    • Improve patient outcomes through quick and easy remote appointments
    • Work from anywhere, the web based platform works from any device with an internet connection and a webcam
    • Get some time back – remote consultations are proven to be shorter than traditional face to face appointments
    • Need more information from the patient? Send a quick chat message. No need to leave notes for admin staff to contact long lists of patients

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