PreGP Intelligent Care Navigation

Intelligent care navigation within the myGP platform helps patients to get the care they need as quickly as possible. Based on a patient’s appointment reason, preGP will show them alternate points of care for their complaint.  

Why preGP?

27% of all face-to-face GP appointments are deemed unnecessary – where their need could have been met in the community or by another member of the multi-disciplinary team. 

Often there is a lack of understanding or patient knowledge of locally accessible points of care, unaware of self-referral MSK or mental health services, or the services offered by a pharmacist – the preGP module improves health outcomes by ensuring patients access the right care when they need it, rather than waiting for a GP appointment. 

The Details

  • Improve patient outcomes through quicker access to alternate points of care
  • Empower patients to visit the most appropriate healthcare professional for their complaint
  • Allows GPs to see patients who need GP care
  • Encourage uptake of local community services and patient groups
  • Promote patient choice in NHS care
  • Reduces unnecessary appointments 
  • Encourages local health economies 
  • Signposts patients to more appropriate points of care based on appointment reason  
  • Educates patients on local health initiatives 
  • Customisable at a practice level

It is locally customisable so practices can add local information, or local clinics associated to dedicated appointment reasons – improving the local health economies and supporting high-street pharmacies and clinics. 

A patient is never ‘blocked’ from booking a GP appointment, should they still wish to see their GP they can – we want preGP to empower patient choice and show them the options available to them. 

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