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Why is my GP asking for personal information?

8th December 2021

In recent, and/or coming months, patients throughout the UK may have noticed an odd question being posed to them by their GPs… “How would you classify your ethnicity?” or “Have you been feeling anxious lately?”    Upon receiving s…

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The Big C

Cancer. It’s a terrifying word that strikes fear into most people’s hearts, when even the smallest possibility rears its ugly head. I see it frequentl…

Flu Shot Image

The Fast and the Flu-less

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the news this winter you’ve probably heard a lot about the flu. I’ve just looked at the BBC News website and th…


New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy

Who’s made a New Year’s resolution this year? And who’s broken it already?  You’re not alone, studies show that 80% of people give up their resol…

Forgetting your medication? myGP can now help you remember and track missed doses with medication insights

What’s new in myGP 4.1? Features, Updates & Bug Fixes

Medication Insights In myGP 4.1, our medication feature has been expanded with Medication Insights. This feature allows patients to have a better…


Women power usage and uptake of myGP®

New data from leading health tech specialist, iPLATO Healthcare, has revealed that women are driving uptake and usage of smartphone apps to access hea…


Introducing Intelligent Care Navigation

iPLATO Healthcare has been awarded a contract by The Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI Healthcare) to develop and trial ‘Intelli…

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6 additional CCGs enabled to use myGP®

iPLATO Healthcare is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a development contract with Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG to add enhanced di…


Is Video Consultation the way forward for General Practice?

I was sat with one of the most tech savvy and IT literate GPs in London, Dr Numa Thebe, enjoying coffee before our presentation to the NHS SBRI panel,…


Supply & Demand in Primary Care

Medical Technologies, improved diagnostic techniques, even better dental care have all advanced life expectancy across the UK (1) and woman…