NHS Prescription Delivery

Lloyds Direct is an online pharmacy that works with your NHS GP for NHS prescription delivery when you’ve ordered your prescription. Instead of going to your pharmacy to pick up your repeat prescriptions, Lloyds will deliver them to an address of your choice, for free.

How does Lloyds Direct work?

Once you register with Lloyds Direct, every time your NHS practice approves your request for repeat prescriptions, Lloyds Direct will email you to ask what address you would like your prescriptions delivered to. The delivery of your prescriptions is free. If you are not exempt from paying for your prescriptions, then you would need to pay the regular NHS price. If you are exempt from paying for your prescriptions, then you can enter your exemption number when registering with Lloyds Direct.

  • Register with Lloyds Direct in myGP
  • Request your prescriptions using myGP
  • Arrange where you would like your prescriptions delivered, once your prescription request is approved by your practice

How long will it take for my prescriptions to arrive?

When you’ve signed up for NHS prescription delivery, they’ll arrive in 5-7 days, depending on how quickly your GP approves your requests. Lloyds Direct's process involves getting the information from your practice that your prescription request has been approved, packing your prescriptions, and then mailing them over to you.

If you need your prescriptions sooner, once your practice approves your request, you can email help@echo.co.uk to let them know and they will be able to send you a prescription code that allows you to pick up your medicine from a local pharmacy.

Once Lloyds Direct receives your prescription from your GP, it typically takes up to several working days for them to process your prescription. All packages are sent with Royal Mail using their 24-hour or 48-hour delivery service.

How do I track the status of my delivery?

Once you have confirmed where you would like your prescriptions delivered, you will be able to track the status of your NHS prescription delivery in the myGP app. Open myGP, tap on My Prescriptions, scroll to the bottom and tap on the Prescription Delivery page. The most recent order will be at the top and tell you at what stage your delivery is at, what address your prescriptions are being delivered to and other tracking information.

Statuses your prescriptions can be in:

PICKING – Your prescription is being selected from the warehouse
DISPENSING – Your prescription has been picked and is now being dispensed by the Lloyds Direct pharmacy team
DISPATCHING – Your prescription has been picked and is now being packaged for delivery
DISPATCHED – Your prescription is out for delivery and will be the final status

AWAITING STOCK – Lloys Direct pharmacy is waiting for the prescription to be re-stocked
NOT DISPENSED – The prescription was not chosen to be delivered by patient

What controlled medicine can Lloyds Direct process?

Lloyds Direct can process both paper and electronic prescriptions for controlled medication. Your GP may issue this electronically or on a paper prescription depending on the type of controlled drug. If a controlled medication is issued on a paper prescription, you will need to post this to Lloyds Direct to be processed.

To use Lloyds Direct to process your paper prescriptions:

  • Visit your GP to pick up the prescription.
  • Print out the Lloyds Direct form and complete it, making sure to include your delivery address and registered GP address.
  • Post the form, along with your paper prescription, to us. Please note that Lloyds Direct is not responsible for paper prescriptions sent to us that become lost in the post.

Once we receive your form and prescription, we’ll post your medication to you. Make sure you send us these well in advance of your current medicine supply running out.

Can I use my prepayment certificate?

Lloyds Direct is a registered pharmacy, so it accepts all NHS exemptions, including prepayment certificates. You will be asked to upload a photo of your pre-payment certificate when you request your first NHS prescription delivery with them. Their pharmacists will check and confirm it, ensuring you will not be charged for prescriptions. You can also add an exemption to your account at any time. Please remember to keep your exemptions up to date. You can do this by updating your Lloyds Direct profile at any time.  If you claim free prescriptions after your exemption expires, you may have to pay a penalty charge of up to £100 — even if it was a mistake. Don’t have one yet? Purchase pre-payment certificates here. You can read more about how they work here.

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