Improving prevention with myGP

myGP’s industry leading products have proven to improve prevention of long-term and short-term conditions throughout England for over 15 years. With its history, knowledge and understanding of the industry we strive to improve the health of population through increased access, ease of communication and increased uptake of the right services at the right time.

Improving prevention through DFOCVC

myGP is available through DFOCVC framework.

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    Improving prevention of cancer through increased screening uptake

    myGP has been recommended for use nationally by Sir Mike Richards in the independent review of screening services, as well as in the NHSX digital playbook for cancer screening. It has proven to increase uptake of cervical screening in London by almost 6%. The service, which is ran by myGP and requires minimal input from surgeries in the regions – allows an SMS reminder to be sent to those who are yet to book their cancer screenings – prompting them to make an appointment.

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      Improving prevention through improved communication

      The myGP platform brings together a number of communication methods to ensure that your population stay fit, well and healthy. With its roots in patient communication via the myGP app and two-way SMS messaging, it has evolved to be the only end-to-end digital first provider in England. It offers the patient the ability to book, cancel, communicate and have the consultation all from within one simple-to-use app.

      For the practice, the platform is seamless, offering a simple and secure way to directly message the patient from the clinical system, send patient questionnaires, appointment requests, test results and more.

      The easier and simpler the communication, the more likely it is that a patient is going to engage with primary care services to improve their own health.

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        Using call/recall to improve prevention of flu, other viral diseases and health checks

        The call/recall function is unique to myGP – the platform continually invites a patient for their vaccination or health check appointment, until they book it. Those eligible can then view and book appointment slots on the myGP app, which are exclusively available to them. Resulting in reduced calls to the surgery and increased uptake of vaccinations and health checks – improving the prevention of flu and other possible long term conditions picked up at health checks.

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          Disease prevention through myGP

          We have improved prevention of a number of conditions by providing quick and easy access to our partners via the healthcare marketplace. Our partners give quick, sometimes immediate, advice to our myGP users on topics such as dermatology, physiotherapy and cancer screenings.

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