myGP platform - how it works

One patient facing app, one practice facing platform. Simple.

1. Download from the App stores

We provide you with all the tools you need to encourage your patients to download and use the myGP app. The app acts as a 24/7 online front door to your surgery.

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Download the app

2. Appointment booking

Sick of the phone ringing all morning? Let your patients book their appointments online. You can set up several appointment types; nurse, telephone, clinics - whatever you decide.

Take the stress out of your mornings by setting up appointments on myGP.

3. Let patients manage their medication

No more calls to the surgery or unnecessary appointments with a GP to request a repeat prescription. Encourage your patients to download and use myGP to keep up to date with their medication.

We all know adherence is key to managing long term conditions, especially for those with multiple co-morbidities. myGP also offers medication reminders to ensure that patients continue to take the correct medicine at the correct time with the correct dose - ensuring they stay well and healthy.

4. Access medical records

Patients get 24/7 access to their medical record. Patients can review recent test results, medication history and view referral letters. Encouraging patients to take control of their healthcare. Each surgery can control how much or how little of the medical record the patient can see.

Over 1 million users

Say goodbye to boring hold music, say hello to myGP