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Which clinical codes are sent for Patient Questionnaires?

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When sending out a Patient Questionnaire message specific clinical codes will be sent back to your clinical system depending on which survey was sent.

Below is a list of available Questionaries’ and clinical codes linked to them:

Blood Pressure

Term: Systolic blood pressure

    • SNOMED Code: 163030003
    • EMIS Read Code: 2469
    • Systm One Read Code: 2469.
    • Value: <Systolic>

Term: Diastolic blood pressure

    • SNOMED Code: 163031004
    • EMIS Read Code: 246A
    • Systm One Read Code: XM02Y
    • Value: <Diastolic>

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Term: Body Mass Index

    • SNOMED Code: 60621009
    • EMIS Read Code: 22K
    • Systm One Read Code: 22K..
    • Value:
      • Calculation for Metric units: BMI = weight (kg) ÷ height2 (m)
      • Calculation for US units: BMI = (weight (lb) ÷ height2 (in)) * 703

Term: O/E – Height

    • SNOMED Code: 248333004
    • EMIS Read Code: 229
    • Systm One Read Code: 229..
    • Value: <Height> Centimetres
      • Must be provided in Cm

Term: O/E – Weight

    • SNOMED Code: 27113001
    • EMIS Read Code: 22A
    • Systm One Read Code: 22A..
    • Value: <Height> Kilograms
      • Must be provided in Kg

Term: Waist Circumference

    • SNOMED Code: 276361009
    • EMIS Read Code: 22NO
    • Systm One Read Code: Xa041
    • Value: <Height> Centimetres
      • Must be provided in Cm


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