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What if I need to reset my password?

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If you have forgotten your password to log into myGP Connect, you can reset your password to regain access. Please follow these steps:



  • Click Forgot Password?


  • Enter your email address and click Send
  • It will confirm with a notification that Your password has been sent to your email address
  • Access the automated email sent to your account. You will see the following message:


  • Click on the URL link within the email to reset your password
  • It will bring you back to myGP Connect:


  • Input a new password and click Change Password
  • You will then see a confirmation page stating Password Change Successful

  • Click Back to login to return to your iPLATO system and log in using the new password
  • If you have already completed 2-Step authentication and had selected Remember this device, then you will not have to do this again.

If you have not yet set up Muti-Factor authentication (MFA) then you will need to do so as you log back in.

Logging in with MFA for the first time

  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Click Login

  • You will be asked to select either SMS or email to receive a 6-digit authentication code (If you do not have a mobile number on your user profile you will not be given the option to use SMS)

  • Once entered you will have completed your MFA 2-Step authentication

  • To save time when you next log in, click REMEMBER THIS DEVICE, this will mean you do not have to complete MFA again for 90 days,
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