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How to select Session Type for Call/Recall message

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To select the appointment you wish to make available, do the following:

  • Scroll down to Step 3: Select a Session Type to invite patients to

Here you can see all available Slot Types available on your clinical system.

  • Refer to the Enable (select one) column
  • Click the slot you wish to enable
  • In the Button to Call to Action column, click on the text field and name what you wish the slot to appear as via the invitation

TOP TIP:  it is important to give this slot type a name which is easily understood by your patients (i.e. ‘Asthma Appointment’ for a Asthma campaign).

Please Note: By selecting the Slot Type, it will make all appointments within that slot available for invited patient’s to book.

Now refer to the Make this invitation-only session available between section. This section will allow you to set the time-span of when this invitation is available until.

  • Click on the field for Start Date
  • Select a start date from the calendar
  • Click on the field for End Date
  • Select a start date from the calendar

Please Note: Patient responses will be accepted from 12:00am on the chosen start date until 11:59pm on the chosen end date.

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