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Remote Consultation FAQ

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Remote Consultation enables your surgery to improve the triaging and signposting of GP appointments, and offer video consultations as a modern way to deliver healthcare remotely.

Since these features offer brand-new cutting-edge features, the broad stroke functionality of it can lead to specific questions being asked. Please find our helpful FAQ guide to help answer those pivotal questions:

User Permissions

What User Permission do I need to access the Consult tab?

All-Access or Clinician.

Which staff members should have access to the Consult section?

Only trained members of staff should have access to the Consult features.

This can be either Practice managers, IT department or Admin department, who have been given the All-Access user role. This user role will give them full access to the Consult features.

In addition, doctors, nurses and clinicians who have been given the Clinician user role will have access to the features. This will allow them to action Video Consultation appointments or manually signpost upcoming appointments.

Video Consultations

Can a Video Consultation be actioned for any appointment in Consult?

Yes, any appointment that is booked through the myGP app can use the Video Consultation feature. However, if the patient has not given consent by exclusively booking in for a Video Consultation appointment, it is advised that the practice ask the patient for consent in advance before carrying out a live video call with them.

Why is my browser asking permission to use the Video Consultations feature?

The first time you use this feature, your browser may ask for permission to access your webcam and microphone.

Use the Accept option to permit Video Consultations to be held. Declining will stop Video Consultations from running and may cause the service to act with errors.

Contact Support for assistance via if you have disabled access to your webcam and microphone.

Why is the Video Consultation feature not working?

For the Video Consultations feature to work you need a functional Webcam and Microphone setup on your computer of choice.

For detailed technical specs on what equipment is compatible with our feature, please refer to our Help section within your myGP Connect system.

Can a Video Consultation be recorded?

A Video Consultation cannot be recorded on either the practice’s or patient’s side of the call.
Please be aware within smart phones, the default settings will ask for the patient’s permission to activate a video call via a pop-up notification. The notification wording may differ depending on the patients type of smart phone.

This default wording is to grant permission for a live video call and not because it can be recorded by the iPLATO Video software.

Manually Signposting

Are messages sent out in real time?

The text chat functionality within Consult is not intended to provide a real time messaging capability.

Messages can take several minutes to arrive to a patient’s smartphone. At certain times, it can take up to 4 hours for a message to be received. This can be due to the type of Wifi or Data the patient is using, signal strength, or the smart phone being switched off.

Because of these factors, we are unable to guarantee that all messages will be delivered. We recommend that any time sensitive or high priority messages are delivered to the patient via a phone call.

Can I cancel an appointment without contacting patient?

If you spot that a patient has booked an appointment for the wrong reason with a GP, we advise as best practice not cancelling the appointment in your clinical system. This will lead to the patient receiving a cancellation notification without the context of why it was actioned.

We advise you message the patient and advise them to cancel the appointment themselves and re-book as appropriate.

This ensures that the patient is informed of the situation and has a good experience of the service provided by your surgery.

Why has the booked myGP appointment disappeared from the Consult & Appointment List?

Appointments will be cleared out of the Consult section at the end of the appointment day, however if a conversation is actioned between a patient and practice, they will be stored as regular SMS in or SMS out message within the Message tab.

When a text message moves from the Consult tab to the Message tab, will it send a code to the clinical system like a regular message?

Yes, it will send the appropriate clinical code (Snomed or Read Code respectability) back to your clinical system as a regular SMS in or SMS out text would.

What happens if a patient does not input an Appointment Reason when booking through myGP?
If this happens, the app will coax the patient to add an appointment reason by not recognising a full stop or space.

Unfortunately, patients are still able to add multiple dots or letters to prevent having to put an actual reason.

If you wish to request a reason from the patient, best practice would be to message them to request more information.

Please see the example text below as reference:

Dear Patient, please provide us with a appointment reason to ensure you are booked with the right clinicians. All information is held in the strictest confidence. Thank you


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