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Technical requirements – video consultation

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Below are the technical requirements for the Video Consultation functionality. These are the minimum specifications to ensure that the service is able to operate at an optimal level.

Please Note: Should these requirements not be met, the service may not operate or have poor performance. We recommend enquiring with your local IT support team to ensure all specifications are met.  

Minimum Bandwidth requirements

We recommend a minimum dedicated 350kb/s down per downloaded stream, as well as 350kb/s up per uploaded stream to maintain a stable video connection.

Dynamic adjustment of video quality is undertaken by our video platform, but should bandwidth become insufficient, call quality may become erratic in behaviour due to network connectivity challenges.

Minimum Screen Resolution – PC / Mac

1024 X 768  

Browser Requirements

Please note: these browser requirements are not required when using video call function in myGP Buddy Electron- latest version Google Chrome – latest release version Firefox – latest release version BETA SUPPORT – Microsoft Edge – version 17 (included in Windows 10 April 2018 release). Please see OpenTok Edge Beta support page. The browser will request access to Webcam and Microphone the first time a video/audio call is initiated. This must be accepted to permit the service to work. Consult the browser’s help material on Webcam/Microphone permissions if this was rejected.  

Computer requirements

Free USB 2.0 or 3.0 port(s) for use of webcam and audio headset as required, with these ports unlocked to accept devices.

PC: Windows 7 or above. 

Access to Operating System “Administrator” level to install necessary drivers during install only. User level access is required post-install.  

Client-side / Network Firewall Requirements

Port 443 must be open 

UDP port 3478 to be open

IP Whitelist – view the whitelist JSON

Webcam Specifications

USB Webcam compatible with PC/Mac it to be used with. Should be capable of video outputs of:

1280 x 720

640 x 480

320 x 240  

Audio Headset / Microphone Specifications

USB / inbuilt microphone compatible with PC it is to be used with. We recommend a headset with microphone and echo-cancelling earpieces for best audio quality.  

Further Assistance

If you have queries on these technical requirements, or you encounter issues when using / testing your setup, you can contact iPLATO Support.

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