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Moving myGP Buddy toolbar

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As myGP Buddy is a hovering, always-on-top toolbar, you may need to move it around. We have a few options for you.

Moving myGP Buddy to a preferred place

You can place myGP Buddy to anywhere on the screen, even on a second screen if you have one. Just make sure you leave enough room for myGP Buddy to expand.
With myGP Buddy contracted in its toolbar mode, click and hold a left-click on the white space of the upper half of the toolbar.
Drag myGP Buddy to your preferred spot on the screen.
Let go and myGP Buddy will stick there.
A lot of people find a spot on their screen over the menu or ribbon of their clinical system where myGP Buddy wouldn’t obscure any options or tabs, but is easy to reach.

Always opens in the same place

myGP Buddy will remember where you placed it.
Every time you log into myGP Buddy, the toolbar will always be where you left it.

Snap back to default position

myGP Buddy has a default position in the upper right of the screen, which generally does not obscure options or information on most clinical systems.
If you have moved myGP Buddy and want to quickly return it to its default position, press the Arrow button in the top right of the toolbar.
myGP Buddy will then snap back to this position.

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