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How to set up a low credit alert

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If you wish to receive an notification when your credits hit a certain number, you can set up a Low-Credit Alert in your myGP Connect system. The main purpose of this is for self-funded practices to keep track of their credits, if your practice is CCG funded then this is more an optional tool. To set up, please do the following:

  • Log in to your myGP Connect system
  • Click on Settings found on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on Messaging Alerts

  • Now select the Low Credit Alert sub-tab

We are in the Low Credit Alert section, to set this feature up, please do the following:

  • Click on the Disabled option
  • Select Enabled from the drop down
  • Select the number of credits you wish to reach before receiving a notification (e.g. 100)

Now to assign the email address the notification will be sent too:

  • Click Add New on the far right of screen
  • You will see the Add Alert Email pop-up box

  • Insert the email address in the Add Email field, now click Save
  • The pop-up box will disappear, now click Save again on the main page

Your Low Credit Alert has now been successfully set up.

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