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How to log in/log out

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This article covers how to log in and log out using the Buddy toolbar.

How to log in

  • Open the myGP Buddy desktop app
  • Enter your username and password
  • myGP Buddy will open and be ready to go

Please note: on your first use on a new PC, you will need to accept a permission popup or yellow notification banner to allow myGP Buddy to connect to your clinical system.

How to log out

  • Click on the myGP logo from the toolbar
  • Select Log Out
  • You will prompt back to the Log in screen for a new User to enter their details

Don’t have a login?

You will need to have a myGP Connect login to access myGP Buddy.
Speak to a member of staff that manages myGP Connect for your practice, they will be able to add an account for you.
How to add users to myGP Connect

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