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iPLATO toolbar Technical Requirements

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Before installing the iPLATO toolbar please ensure that all technical requirements have been met.

As part of our managed service, we engage with ICBs and others to ensure that all technical requirements are in place, or any adjustments in technical roll-out are taken into account.

We recommend that if you have not expressly heard that these requirements are in place, you should pass the below on to your local IT team as the toolbar may not work.

This article describes the technical requirements for the myGP Buddy desktop app:

Windows administrator rights

Windows Administrator rights are not explicitly required to install the myGP Buddy client. A regular user should be able to install it on their own.

If all installation of applications is blocked for non-administrator users, the local IT Support team will be required to provide assistance during installation or will need to whitelist the myGP Buddy application

Please Note: Please ensure that you allow access to Windows Defensive Firewall. If necessary, contact your IT support to help do this.

Installation and folder read/write access

myGP Buddy uses the OneClick install solution from Microsoft.

Read/write access is required to these folders:




Where access to the above folders are blocked, myGP Buddy may be able to install, but would not be permitted to function.


The iPLATO toolbar could get blocked by anti-virus software. We advise that the toolbar is whitelisted on any ICB/CSU managed anti-virus solutions.

We work with the major anti-virus suppliers to verify the toolbar, which should reduce anti-virus software from blocking or generating errors when the toolbar is run.

Firewall requirements

Port 443 (HTTPS) is open

No restrictions to the address:

Whitelist access to the following IP addresses:


Firewall solutions should not block the myGP Buddy application.

Proxy settings

Ensure any proxy that is in use permits access to the following domains:


Minimum PC requirements


Minimum Specification

CPU Dual core 2Ghz processor or equivalent
Hard Drive Space 1GB of free space on the C drive
Operating Systems myGP Buddy is compatible with Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit system type
Monitor A minimum resolution of 1024×720
Memory 1GB of usable RAM is required. However, other applications installed on the device should also be considered because these will increase the amount of memory required for the device to run smoothly.
Connectivity Reliable internet access.
Software framework Version 4.8 of the .Net Framework

Compatible clinical systems

myGP Buddy is compatible with the following clinical systems:

  • EMIS Web
  • SystmOne

Webcam Specifications

USB Webcam compatible with PC/Mac it to be used with. Should be capable of video outputs of:

1280 x 720

640 x 480

320 x 240

Audio Headset / Microphone Specifications

USB / inbuilt microphone compatible with PC it is to be used with. We recommend a headset with microphone and echo-cancelling earpieces for best audio quality.

Please Note: please ensure that Buddy has access to correct audio input. Contact IT support if necessary.


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