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How to use the Message tab filters

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All your patient replies are stored within the Inbox tab, in queue messages are stored in Outbox, and sent messages are stored in Sent. Each of these sections have an advanced search Filter option:

You have Quick Filter options at the top of each these pages:

You can action quick filter searches based on the Date From, Date To and Senders To action an advanced filter search to find a specific patient’s message, please do the following:

  • Refer to the Quick Filter section
  • Click on the Filter button
  • The Filters pop-up box will appear

  • Choose a Date From and Date To of the message you wish to search
  • Click Next

  • Choose Patients, then Next

  • Choose Custom, then Next

  • If you wish to search by the patient’s name, fill in the Search by Name field
  • If you wish to search by the patient’s clinical number, fill in the Search by Patient ID or NHS Number field
  • Click Next

  • Choose how many records you wish to appear on the page from the Records on Page dial
  • Click Finish

Your search will now filter on the main page based on your criteria.

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