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How to record my Video Consultation and download the recording?

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Once a Video Consultation has started, a user will have several tools available to them.

One of these options is to create a recording of the call with the option to download the file afterwards. In order to action this, please do the following once call has started:

  • During call click on the Record icon from the lower tools
  • From the drop down click Start recording

A pop-up prompt will ask for consent to start the recording:

  • Click Start recording

This will prompt the Screen Share pop-up with the following options to select:

  • Entire Screen: record your entire desktop screen
  • Window: record a specific window, this will prevent any other windows from being shared
  • Chrome tab: record a specific Chrome tab, this prevent any other windows or tabs from being shared

Once the recording screen has been decided:

  • Click on the specific screen option itself and it will enable the Share button
  • Click Share
  • The main screen will see a Recording prompt appear with a Orange Dot in the corner of screen
  • To stop recording, hover cursor over the recording icon and then click Stop recording from drop down

This pop-up will then appear in the top right corner:

  • Choose Save recording

This will then prompt a new browser that will download video recording in bottom left corner

  • You can click on the up arrow to open directly, or access the file via your downloads section on your desktop
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