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How to install myGP Buddy Toolbar on a desktop

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To install myGP Buddy, you just need to click the DOWNLOAD NOW button at the bottom of this page and follow the installation steps to get started.

For users who require a standalone version (e.g if downloading software is managed by your local IT helpdesk via a Software Centre), please contact us and we can provide you with the right file for your environment.

If something goes wrong during the installation, please contact support and we will help you get set up

In order to install the latest Buddy 2.5 , please read the following information in advance:


  • Compatible with EMIS Web in England only.
  • Buddy is not compatible with practices that use Soprano for SMS messages.

Installation Notes

1) Installation and folder read/write access

Read/write access is required for these folders:




If access to the above folders are blocked, myGP Buddy may be able to install, but would not be permitted to function.

2) EMIS Setup

For anyone who is set up within the EMIS EMAS Manager, a valid set of EMIS credentials must be in place for any user.  Each computer will require the product to be activated.

Additionally, please ensure Patient Care Messaging is activated.

3) Technical Requirements

Please check that your operating system is fully compatible with myGP Buddy, you can double check the tech specs by clicking here


Everything ready?



For TPP/SystmOne users:

Download myGP Buddy 2.2


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