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Flu Campaign Overview

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Welcome to the Flu Campaign page. Here we will give you a step-by-step guide to sending out a Flu Campaign message.

Before you start

iPLATO operates a number of regional flu reminder services across ICBs and STPs, so before you set up and run your local Flu Campaign, do check with your ICB in case they are using our centralised messaging service, iPLATO Population Health Services.

To request information about iPLATO Population Health Services, please email

For further details on Improving Influenza Vaccination Uptake (iPLATO Population Health Services): click here


  • Have you run your searches for your patient cohorts?
  • Do you have enough credits to send your message?

CLICK HERE for a simple guide before sending your messages to get the most out of the system.

3 ways to message your patients

1: Patient Questionnaires2: Campaign Messaging3: Call / Recall (Advanced)
Why not see ahead of time who wants the jab this year and who doesn’t.After getting answers from your Questionnaire, invite your patients to a flu jabUse our advanced feature Call / Recall to allow patients to book into flu appts directly!
Send your entire cohorts our FLU JAB questionnaire, get the results coded back directly into your clinical system.Create your Groups in iPLATO Connect
CLICK HERE to get all the info on how to send a Call / Recall campaign.
To see how the Flu patient Questionnaire works, CLICK HERE.Suggested templates to use
To see what this looks like from your patients view, CLICK HERE.Create your templates
Create your Trigger word
Sending your message


I have a problem

If you seem to be having technical issues with Appointment Reminders, check out the below links for assistance.

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