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Flu Campaign Pre-Checklist

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This article will advise what you should prepare before you are sending your Flu Campaign:


Here are a few things to prepare in advance of your message:

  • Instructions for your Flu Campaign
  • Date and time to attend
  • Create a slot for Flu Clinic if using online facing services
  • Any instructions for attending


To locate your current credit balance, go to the Home tab which will bring you to the Summary screen within your myGP Connect system.

To check if you have enough credits to send out your health campaign follow the below steps.

  1. Take note of how many patients you have added to the recipient group
  2. Take note of how many parts of your messages after creating your template (1 message is 160
    characters in length)
  3. Then times that number by the number of patients in the recipient group
  4. If the resulting number is more than the credit balance on the Summary screen, then you will
    need more credits to send your messages
  5. For any questions on credits please speak to your iPLATO Account Manager in the first instance.

Need to top up your credit balance?

CCG Funded Solo site

  • CCG Funded credits please speak to your Account Manager from iPLATO

Solo Practices

  • Solo practices will be billed monthly and will not need to purchase credits for any questions, please speak to your Account Manager from iPLATO

Credit Portal

If you wish to purchase additional credit for your practice: please click here

Standard Pricing is at 2.5p per segment (smallest purchase 10k)

Custom Reminder

If you want to create a custom reminder to give your patients special instructions for attending their
appointment, go to the Settings tab, then the Custom Reminders sub tab for the left-hand side menu.

Click here to learn more

Call/ Recall

Did you know Call/ Recall allows you to invite your patients for a flu campaign with the option to book their appointment directly through the myGP app?

Click here to learn more

Clinical Codes

You will be able to assign a clinical code to your outgoing campaign.
Have the clinical codes that you want to use ready.

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Export your search into an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file containing the patient’s unique ID number (for Emis and Vision users) or NHS numbers (for TPP/SystmOne users).

On your clinical system, prepare your patient searches for the groups you wish to contact for a Flu Campaign.

Please Note: Recipient Groups containing more than 6,000 contacts should be broken into smaller groups

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Create or edit your template that you wish to send to your patients.

Please Note: 1 SMS Credit = 160 characters

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Trigger Word

Set a Trigger Word to assign a clinical code to a patient’s response. For example: ‘please text

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Sending Option

Have a date and time ready when you wish to send your Flu Campaign. Think about if you want to create multiple groups and use the Send Later option to have your
messages go out at different times.

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