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How to filter appointments

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On your Appointment List page within the Consult tab, you are able to filter your list of appointments. In order to action this, please do the following:

  • Log in to myGP Connect
  • Click on the Consult tab from the left-hand side menu

On the Appointment List page, refer to the Filter section at the top of the page: The Status drop-down allows you to filter by the following status options:

  • All: display all booked appointments
  • Unread: display all appointments that have not been opened
  • Completed: display all appointments marked as completed (Thumbs Up icon)
  • Flagged: display all flagged appointments (Flag icon)
  • New Message: display all appointments where a patient has sent a new reply

The following filter options are also available:

  • Session Holder: filter any appointments based on Clinicians
  • Slot Type: filter any appointments based on Slot Types (e.g. Video Consultation)
  • Branch: filter any appointments based on site location (only relevant to practice’s that share multiple sites across one clinical system)
  • myGP Users: filter any appointments based on if booked patient is a myGP user, or non-myGP user
  • Fulltext Search: filter any appointments based on inserted keywords
  • Show Expired Appointments: filter appointments that have passed their appointment time that day

To action a filter search, select your option and then click the Apply button. This will filter the list.

Please Note: to clear any filters from your Appointment List page, click the Reset button and it will return the page back to default.

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