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Creating and managing message templates

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This article describes how to create a new Message Template.

Creating a new template

  • Press the Manage Buddy icon from the myGP Buddy toolbar
  • Select Templates
  • On the right hand side of the screen, press New
  • Name the template
  • Select whether the template is a User or Practice template
  • Select a template Category
  • Write your template in the Compose Box
  • Select Save to Record to clinically code the message to the medical record when sent by default
  • Press Save

Template Types


These templates are only saved for your individual user profile and not visible to other myGP Buddy users.

This is useful if you would like your own templates, but other users may not benefit from them.


These templates are shared across your organisation and visible to all users.

This should be used to standardise messages, or to save time sharing good templates within your surgery.


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