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Calling a patient with a video consultation

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This article describes how to call a patient with video consultations using Buddy toolbar.


  • A webcam and
  • Echo-reducing microphone/headset plugged in if available, or your laptop or computer built-in microphone
  • The technical requirements for Remote Consultation have been met

Select the patient

  • Make sure the patient is selected in your clinical system, you can navigate to the Consultation screen if you wish.
  • The patient will be automatically synced into myGP Buddy

Consent status

As video calls need to send the patient an SMS invite to the call, it is important to understand the different consent statuses.

No SMS consent

  • No SMS consent means that the patient has not consented to receive SMS messages
  • You will be provided a warning of this, but you can still send the SMS to the patient if you wish

SMS consent or the patient has myGP app

If the status is the patient consents to SMS or the patient has myGP app, it is possible to use video consultations.

Sending Invitation Link

In advance of a video call, you will need to invite the patient to a browser-based call room.

  • Click on Camera Icon


  • A default pop-up will appear in Buddy with an invitation link message
  • Text can be adjusted if necessary
  • Click on Send video consultation invite
  • This will bring a second pop-up box

Starting a video call

Once the invitation message is sent, pop up will change:

The invitation will be confirmed as sent, you will have options from the next pop-up box

  • If necessary, click on the Copy link button to invite another clinician to join the call
  • When ready, you can begin the video call by clicking Join the call
  • This loads in the browser Waiting Room and the patient will be able to join
  • Click Join Meeting to begin

Options available during the call

During a video call, there are a number of options available to clinicians:

  • Cam button – stop/start the clinician video feed
  • Mic button – mute/unmute clinician audio
  • Share button – share the screen with patient
  • Chat button –  additional text chat option
  • People button – monitor attendees
  • Leave button – end the video call participation

The patient will have similar options available to them.

Trouble connecting the call or bad quality

If you are having trouble getting the video call to connect, or if the call starts but you experience poor video and audio quality that does not improve, it is best practice to roll-back to a telephone consultation with the patient.

This will save time trying to diagnose what is wrong. Focus on treating the patient over fixing the technology live on the patient’s call.

myGP Remote Consultation is built on the leading video call platform for clinical consultations. The majority of problems experienced will relate to the patient’s phone/device, internet connection, or a network issue on the practice or patient side.

Check our service status to see if we are aware of a problem.

I have a problem

If we have not been able to answer your question, or you think your video calls are not working within myGP Buddy, contact our Support team to help you.

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